Welcome to Montañita, a special beach location on the Ruta Del Sol, Ecuador.

Montanita Real Estate was the first Real estate business in Montanita. We  specialize in listing houses, properties and business that are for sale in this amazing destination.
In fact Montanita is the beach destination of Ecuador. It is still small, but growing rapidly. All around is signs of building. The number of small hotels has tripled in the last 4 years. As has the number of restaurants. Five years ago its wasn't certain how much Montanita would grow, but now it is. It is in momentum. Prices are appreciating quickly, but is still very affordable. Yet, the really nice thing about Montanita is that the communa (community) owns 70% (Approx!) of the land. They have a no sell to foreigners. This may mean that land is harder to  come by, but it also means that there are not big Hotels or developments, an unlikely to be in near future.

Montanita is a beach town of about 3000 people. It is located about 2.5 hours north of Guayaquil (the largest city in Ecuador, and one hour north of Salinas.

Montanita is easily accessible form the international airport in Guayaquil, and as well as local buses has a number of luxury direct buses form Guayaquil. Airport transfers to Montantia are also available, as are rental cars.

Montanita is famous for several reasons. The beach is simply superb. With vendors selling cerviche on beach, and a long beautiful stretch of golden sand. Montanita is also famous for its surfing. It is part of the world surfing our competitions. There is a regular and excellent reef break, and also a mile long beach break. It is therefore perfect for beginners and for experienced. There is also excellent Scuba Diving. The same currents around Galapagos are also evident around off the coast of Montanita. Couples with some great small rock islands, and migrating whales (yes you can dive with whales going overhead!) make this a great Dive destination.

Montanita is also famous for its cuisine. There are many restaurants in town. The quality is high, and amazingly the prices are very low! Local dishes are as low as $2.50, and eating a main in a nice restaurant will only set you back $8-10!!!

Hpwever, what really sets Montanita apart is the atmosphere. Its safe, laid back, and bohemian funky. The houses in town are bamboo, with thatched roofs. The people are genuine. Its easy to meet people, and before long you get many 'Holas' as you walk past people you know in the street. In fact, you don't usually use your car in Montanita. A couple of the main streets are pedestrian only, and as its compact, its easy to walk everywhere (including with your bare feet along the beach!).

Montanita is right near the Equator so its never cold here. Yet, due to the sea breeze it doest get over hot. Normally 22 to 30 C (75-90F) Montanita is the perfect place to buy, and start to enjoy life!